Fishermen grabs huge Anaconda from the water and later realized it was not a good idea

With the advent of technology, men’s way of having leisure becomes digital too– more daring and exciting as to what these men prove in the video.

This fisherman from Brazil perhaps finds life challenging not challenging enough that they choose Anaconda a subject of fun.

He tries to poke the enormous snake resting in an overhang using a wooden oar while someone in the boat is taking the video. Until the disturbed animal comes out of view to escape.

As the snake emerges into the water making its escape, these men had not had enough fun yet. One man grabs the Anaconda’s tail and pulls it back in the middle of the River.

Noticing that the snake’s belly looks so full, it seems had taken its food these men enjoyed hauling back its tail away from the water and with the fisherman’s bare hand.

Out of their dangerous play, the Brazilian Environmental Authorities fined these men 600 dollars plus community service.