Look: How Nancy of Momoland looks like on a regular shopping day

Back in 2017, a candid video of an unknown girl went viral on the internet. Through a little digging done by netizens, it was found out the beautiful girl captured in the video was someone named Nancy Jewel McDonie.

It was also discovered that she is a member of a k-pop group called Momoland. Since then, many became more curious about Nancy which is why many fancams of her performances were repeatedly shared online.

Now, Nancy has become a household name for most teenagers and some even decided to shift their attention to k-pop music just to discover more things about Nancy.

In fact, one of their latest songs entitled Bboom Bboom has become a hit not just in South Korea but also in the worldwide market.

With the fame she has now, it is no surprise that Nancy has also been the subject of criticisms especially when it comes to her overall look.

Some say that she was just cosmetically enhanced which explains her close-to-perfection aura. There are also others who take her side and repeatedly defended her against bashers.

Recently, photos of Nancy on a casual day made rounds online which proved that she is indeed beautiful even without make-up.

The said photos were candidly taken while Nancy was out grocery shopping with fellow Momoland member, Joo-e in Saipan.

In the photos, it can be seen that the two are enjoying their “free-time” despite their busy schedules.

Some comments on the post said that Nancy is really beautiful and no photoshop is needed for someone to notice that fact.

Don’t you agree?