Thousands worth of paper bills kept inside a Bamboo coin bank got eaten by termites

Nowadays, it is a must to save money. Although it’s quite tempting to spend every single penny you have on anything that catches your eyes and attention, it is also much better to save for the unforeseen gloomy days ahead.

In fact, there have been several trending ways of saving cash. There is this so-called “Ipon Challenge” and there is also this Alkansya which has labels outside it and one is required to fill out all the blank circles before opening the contents of the Alkansya.

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However, one netizen decided to warn others about the possible risk of saving your money inside a coin bank made of bamboo.

In a post by the Facebook page Walwal, photos of “destroyed” paper bills along with the caption “Huwag maglagay ng Perang Papel sa Bamboo Alkansya, Coins lang para di anayin” (Do not put paper bill inside a Bamboo coin bank, only coins should be used so that termites could not penetrate).

The photos uploaded with the said post showed torn 1000-peso bills. Each bill shows that it was indeed torn by termites.

Another photo also showed 100-peso bills and 50-peso bills. All of which have been affected by the attack of the termites.

It was unfortunate that the supposed savings were no longer used in the way it should be as it was destroyed unexpectedly.

The said netizen who shared their experience also encouraged everyone to no longer use bamboo as a medium of saving your money. After all, who would want it if their hard-earned money will only go to waste?