Here are 9 famous people for being a notorious gangster in the Philippines

In a world where people have the freedom to choose who they wanna be, it is up to a person whether they will be someone to look up to because of the good deeds they have done or someone who will be remembered for leaving a trace of fear in the hearts and minds of the people around them.

As such, there are people who choose to join gangs and have earned a reputation for themselves after being known as a notorious member and their lives are often portrayed through drama anthologies.

In the Philippines, there are approximately 9 notorious gang members who have made their mark in history. The list we are about to share with you has been compiled by Infact Buzz.

9. Marvin “Shyboy” Mercado

Mercado is a Filipino-American leader of the Asian Boyz Gang that had caused the death of eight people and attempted to do the same to another ten in Los Angeles back in 1995. The crime his gang committed was even dubbed as “summer of madness” since they also committed robberies, assaults and assassinating random people.

Nevertheless, he was caught in 2007 when he decided to go to the Philippines, married a socialite and kept a low profile. He was deported back to the US and sentenced to eight life sentences without parole in the US.

8. Octavio “Onkoy” Parohinog Jr.

He was the leader of the Kuratong Baleleng which was ironically made to stifle communist expansion in Misamis Occidental led by the first leader Ongkoy Sr.

However, Parojinog used the group not only to contain NPA activities successfully but also to do illegal activities such as robbery, extortion, and kidnapping. But in his hometown, he was called “Robin Hood of Lawis” because he was so generous to them. In 1990, Parojinog died when he was shot by the authorities while they were undergoing a drug operation inside a cockpit.

7. Emilio Changco

He is an infamous pirate who terrorized the Philippine sea by using a hotel along Manila Bay as his headquarters. He and his gang operated in 1980’s to early 1990’s and is often hired to steal from ships, collect fraudulent insurance and repossess a ship.

Unlucky for him, he was caught when they hijacked an M/T Tabangao oil tanker and thus was sentenced lifetime imprisonment in bilibid. But then he was shot dead by a prison guard claiming he tried to escape in 1992. It still is a mystery since Cangco can only walk with his cane, while some think it’s an attempt to silence him.

6. Alvin Flores

He is known as the leader of a gang named after himself, Flores. He used to be a waiter and a car thief for the communist hit squad, Alex Boncayao Brigade in Malabon in 1980’s.

There was a point that Flores became a police asset, but it all changed when Flores formed his own group and violently ended the lives of innocent people and became suspect to robberies all while dressed in a police uniform. His ruthlessness then ended, but his most known robbery was in a Rolex store in 2009. The store was located in Makati, Greenbelt 5.

5. Grepor “Butch” Belgica

He was formerly a gang leader that spent in Muntinlupa Jail at the age of 16 and in a penal colony in Palawan for the murder of another Scion. Rich and spoiled kid, Belgica did everything he wanted.

However, when he was jailed, he still formed gangs that often caused chaos, but on the other side, he became a born-again Christian. Late president Marcos, rewarded his parole in 1976 and ever since became a pastor and continued religious work.

4. Marcial “Baby Ama” Perez

Perez was first arrested when he stole money with the purpose of helping his friend on his school fees. But because he had a babyface, he was often ridiculed inside the prison and was abused.

He then had a change of heart when he heard of the news that his wife committed suicide after being raped by a prison guard. He then became the leader of the Sige-Sige Gang and was a hitman even in Jail.

One of the most famous chaos that he caused was the deadliest riot which was a bloodbath resulting in nine dead inmates wherein one of those was even beheaded. Because of that, he was sentenced to the death penalty through electrocution in October 1961.

3. Ben “Tumbling” Garcia

Garcia came from Malabon and was known for his tumbling stunts and acrobatic skills. However, he engaged in drug dealing, robberies, and car-napping that made him notorious in his hometown.

Reports say that Garcia started having feelings of hate towards policemen when a policeman allegedly raped his wife.

Meanwhile, the locals of his town are said to have not been afraid of him because he shared his profits with them, and even when he was finally shot dead on Friday the 13th of 1981, thousands attended his funeral.

2. Nicasio “Asong” Salonga

Salonga was known as the “Robinhood” in his hometown because he was friendly with the people there. The tough neighborhood of Tondo might have shaped him to be tough, but his crimes were his decisions himself.

Although he was from the area, he also became Public Enemy No.1 in Tondo for causing gang-related violence and ruthless crimes in which he always manages to get out of. At 26 years old, he was shot in the head by a henchman of his rival gang leader, Carlos “Totoy Golem” Capistrano.

1.Leonardo “Nardong Putik” Manecio

Cavite’s Public Enemy No.1, Leonardo “Nardong Putik” Manecio was a notorious gangster that often evades the law in the most creative way possible. From hiding in rice paddies to escape authorities and enemies, he escapes without a doubt.

He was usually engaged in robberies, illegal possession of firearms, abductions, and murder. But what made him a Public Enemy was his participation in Cavite’s Maragondon Massacre in 1952 wherein they assassinated a mayor and the police chief because the rival political party hired them.

Indeed, these people may have not been entirely bad all throughout their lifetime but their reputation of being gang members will always be remembered.