5 secrets of flight attendants that are never revealed to passengers

To be able to go to various destinations by riding an airplane is a more comfortable and convenient choice rather than traveling through land or sea. However, as they say, there are always positive and negative aspects to a certain thing that exists on this Earth.

An airplane is no exception to that rule. So, here are 5 Airplane secrets that the flight attendants never tell their passengers.

1. Unseen Safety Measures

During take offs, you may notice that the cabin lights are dimmed. This is done in order to give your eyes time to adjust to the darkness just in case something goes wrong and you need to find your way out. You are also required to put up your tray tables so they won’t block anyone’s ability to leave the plane quickly. You also need to keep your window shade open so firefighters can see you immediately in case of an emergency.

2. Check your safety equipment

As much as possible, flight attendants do their best to check that everything is in order before your flight, however, they are but human too and sometimes they can also commit mistakes. When they mention the life jacket under your seat in a safety demo, you have to check that it’s actually where it’s supposed to be. Because there are already many cases involving people stealing life jackets.

If you want the best chance of helping others and saving yourself, you really do need to take the safety demo warning seriously.

3. The Pilot could be asleep

Pilots are really admirable because they are able to control a massive aircraft and get their passengers safely to their destinations. However, they commit certain mistakes that are completely unforgivable in terms of the safety of their passengers.

In a survey given to the pilots working in U.K., Norway, and Sweden, between 43 and 54 percent of pilots admit that they have fallen asleep before. On long flights, pilots have assigned rest periods while the co-pilot takes over. Although planes have the auto-pilot mode, it’s still dangerous and something you are blissfully unaware of during your flights.

4. Opt for bottled water

When the plane stops to empty the lavatory and refill the aircraft with water, these tasks are accomplished right next to one another and often by the same person as the time it takes for the next flight is only limited. In fact, in one test coducted on tap water from 14 different flights, it was found that levels of bacteria were tens and hundreds of times over than the maximum allowed by the U.S government.

So, it is advised to opt for bottled water, when flight attendants offer you a drink while aboard the aircraft. Also, make sure to skip the ice to your glass because the ice trays rarely ever get cleaned and the flight attendants don’t exactly have time to wash their hands frequently during a flight.

5. The problem with first class

Yes, first-class seats may be seen as a luxury but in the case of an emergency, it’s the worst place you wanna be. Research shows that if unthinkable happens and the plane goes down, passengers in the first-class has the lowest chance of survival by a wide margin. When it comes to safety, the safest place to be in is in the middle of the cabin and near the back of the plane.

Make sure to keep this list in mind the next time you board an aircraft. After all, it is still better to be safe than sorry.

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