If your face turns red while drinking beer, stop immediately

In different occasions and parties, themed or not, we always plan for the best experience on it. We tend to plan about food, venues, decorations, supplies, activities and many more. But will it be complete without the beverages? Or even without alcoholic drinks?

Alcoholic drinks are really always present. Having just beer may not even satisfy eclectic guests and visitors.  So, you may need to have a beer, wine (both red and white), vodka, rum, and a myriad of chasers. As everyone who is into parties, they won’t stop unless they’re already drunk.

But are you one of those whose face turns red when drinking alcohol? Do you even have an idea why are you turning red? Or are you familiar with what it’s called?

Why some people turn red when they drink? It’s actually called Alcohol flush reaction. Side effects of this are usually flushed skin, nausea, headache, and rapid heartbeat.

The cause is a buildup of acetaldehyde in the body.  Acetaldehyde is highly toxic and a known carcinogen. When alcohol hits the liver, it metabolizes into acetaldehyde. Usually, it’s quickly converted into safer form, acetate.

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But people with alcohol flush reaction are different. Their body turns alcohol into acetaldehyde faster. But their liver takes more time to turn acetaldehyde into acetate.

The results are less intense “buzz”. Harsher side effects from acetaldehyde poisoning. And in the long term, a higher risk of mouth and throat cancers.

Alcohol flush reaction is a genetic condition. It’s thought to originate among the Han Chinese, in Central China. Over the centuries it spread throughout East Asia. An estimated 1/3 of East Asians have it. Since the condition is genetic, there is no cure.

The upside, those afflicted often avoid excessive drinking and alcoholism.

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If you have this kind of genetic condition, better keep this in mind and try refraining alcohol from now. If not, your friends having this kind of condition ought to know too. Sharing this may save them from any long term sickness like mouth and throat cancer.

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