They drained this 200-year-old canal and found things you can’t imagine

Paris may be a well-known destination for tourists and is often dubbed as “The City of Light” but it also has its own share of the same rubbish that you’d find in any other city in the world.

This is best exemplified in the case of Canal Saint-Martin, one of the largest canals located in the city which has been drained for cleaning for the first time since 2001.

Last time it was cleared, more than 40 tons of waste was removed and treated, including mud. But the rubbish included gold coins, a World War 1 shell, and even a car.

This time, authorities were able to find things that made them wonder as to how these things managed to get under the waters of the canal.

There was an initial drainage to a level of 50cm which allowed recovery of more than 4.5tons of fish – namely bream, carp, and trout – for them to be safely moved. Tons of bottles of alcohol and other drinks were also discovered while draining the canal.

As they lowered the water level for the canal to be completely drained, there were able to find bicycles lurking in the muddy canal. Also, a motorcycle was found on the other side of the canal.

Authorities started to wonder how these pricey things managed to get their way to the canal. There has been theories that it might have been stolen and thrown in the canal afterward but there is really no proof of any truth to these allegations.

It’s reported that a pistol was also recovered, and has since been handed into the gendarmes.

The canal was ordered to be built in 1802 by Napoleon Bonaparte for drinking water purposes, and it opened 23 years later.

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