4 Reasons Why Couples Who Publicly Share Relationship On Social Media Are Not The Happiest

Throughout the years, social media has somehow become a part of people’s daily lives. Almost everything that is happening is shared on social media, from major life milestones to even the smallest happenings in their private lives.

There are also a lot of couples who share their sweet moments on social media. However, one netizen named Melchora Zen pointed out the sharing moments of a romantic relationship on social media is not considered “healthy”.

Here are the reasons why:

1. When we really spend a moment, we forget to take pictures.

This is definitely true. Precious moments are often not in pictures but only in our memories. When a person is having fun, the thought of taking a picture no longer cross their mind and sharing them on social networks is the least priority.

2.  Happy people together would not need the validation of others.

Yes, when two people are truly and madly in love with each other, all they need is the affirmation from each other and not the opinion of others. Keep in mind that couples who are happy have nothing to prove.

3. Couples who really love each other never have seen each other in the perspective of a third party.

For these couples, their joy is to be together and not to see them being together. They remain authentic to themselves and attach great importance to their privacy. Thus, the decision to not ‘show up’ on social media.

4. People less present on social networks have a tendency to be happier.

Eventhough it is considered a ‘trend’ to be always online, according to a Danish study, happy people use Facebook less often. Because they use social media less often, they have more time to spend with their family members and be genuinely happy.

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