Guy builds his own Lamborghini in his basement for 17 years

There are really some people who are blessed enough to be able to buy themselves the car of their dreams. There are also others who simply can’t no matter how hard they try.

However, in the case of Ken Imhoff, his lack of cash did not stop him from getting his hands on the car of his dreams. As he can’t afford to buy one, he just decided to build one for himself – and take note, not just any car but Ken built a Lamborghini!

Ken was reportedly inspired by the 1981 film The Cannonball Run to build his dream car. He was enchanted by the film’s Lamborghini Countach.

Since his childhood, Ken always loved cars, as this picture from 1958 shows. Here he is behind the wheel of a sports car chassis that his father made by hand. This fascination with motor vehicles never went away.

Nearly a decade after he first saw this Lamborghini, Ken got to work. He started from scratch with what would become a 17-year process in his basement.

Ken was in the basement designing and machining and welding and measuring and sanding and painting. He was trying and failing and trying again. He was building, from scratch, an Italian sports car from the 1980s, fabricating the tubular space-frame chassis, constructing the wooden bucks from which he formed the body, and building the engine – a Ford 351 Cleveland V8 with gleaming chrome velocity stacks.

He had to get the car exactly how he wanted it — and he wanted it perfect. Ken estimated it would take him five years, and wound up off by 11 years. Twelve if you include getting the car out of the basement.

Still, he did meet his most recent goal – the last of many micro-goals that helped him get the project finished — of rolling it out in time for his 50th birthday.

Seventeen years later he was done, and the world watched as he smashed a hole in his house to get it out.

See the full video of the whole Lamborghini-making process here: