These guys build a “floating” bamboo house out of their bare hands

There are really people who love eve just the mere sight of water. They are the ones who are willing to give up anything just to stay in an area where they can see water everywhere. These people are classified as aquaphiles. Well, this amazing creation will most probably appeal to aquaphiles.

We are talking about this bamboo house created by these two guys in a viral video posted by the Youtube channel, Primitive Tool.

Two guys can be first seen submerging a bamboo pole underwater. That pole will serve as a foundation of the bamboo house. After the four poles are successfully installed, a horizontal piece of wood is installed.

More pieces of wood are installed which will serve as the floor of the floating bamboo house. A piece of rope is tied on the corners of the pieces of wood to make sure it will not budge.

Next, pieces of bamboo is lined up above the foundation.

After that, a long piece of wood is bent at the center of the bamboo house. The same is done with a few more wood which will serve as the covering of the bamboo house as an alternative for a roof.

The shape of the bent wood is then covered with pieces of bamboo so that the bamboo house now has its walls.

A clay is then put in between the sequence of bamboos. The clay will serve as a sticking agent so that the bamboos will stick together.

Your very own bamboo house is now ready for use!

See the full video here: