Pirates try to hijack this ship but private securities are ready to defend it

In movies, pirates are often portrayed as selfish people who take advantage of ships traveling on the sea. As there is no such thing as armies or police officers in the middle of the sea, the crew of the ship on board are the only ones who can defend themselves against these pirates.

As it turns out, the battle between these pirates and crew members can be really terrifying.

In a video reportedly recorded in 2012 at the Indian ocean, a private security team engaging in a firefight with Somali pirates trying to hijack a cargo ship was shown.

At the start of the said video, a speedboat can be seen hurtling towards the vessel as a private security contractor wielding a sub-machine gun begins to take aim.

One guard begins by firing warning shots around the boat which can be seen landing just feet away from the speedboat.

After firing dozens of rounds at the speedboat which crashes into the ship’s hull, one contractor can be heard shouting: ‘Where they at, what’s their position?’ As one speedboat careers off in retreat security can be heard calling: ‘second ship coming in.’

A second boat races towards the starboard of the ship. Security guards fire dozens of more rounds at the vessel which eventually retreats.

The said controversial and at the same time, the terrifying video had intrigued many netizens since the time it was posted. A copy of the video uploaded on Youtube now has over 44 million views and still counting.

See the full video here: