These guys made their own fishpond using indigenous materials

Have you ever dreamed of building your very own fishpond? One that could make you forget about the stressful day at work or at school and just let you have a fun time together with adorable fishes. Well, who wouldn’t want one? Luckily, it is possible to make one on your own! Just like how these guys managed to create their very own fishpond just be using materials readily available in their vicinity.

In a video uploaded by Primitive Survival tool, the two started off by digging a circular shaped hole. They did not entirely dug a whole circle but left a small elevated part in the middle.

Next, they put stones on the inner part of the circle they made. These stones are then placed on the edges of the pool and are glued together using an improvised cement which was made from the combination of melted stones and mud.

They made sure that the sides of the pool were completely covered by the stones. Then, they did the same on the smaller elevated circle that they made and even on the floor of the fishpond.

Then, they started to decorate the elevated part of the pool with grass. That gave the fishpond a natural look.

Moments later, they started to fill the fishpond with water. They put water in jars and transfers the contents to their fish pond.

After filling the fishpond with enough water, the two then started to put water lilies in their mini fish pond.

The most important part comes next, the moment where a true fish will be put inside the fishpond made entirely from indigenous materials! The two even chose big fishes to live in their fishpond.

Tadaaa! The fish pond is now entirely functional.

See the full video here: