Dried river in Israel is about to be reborn and people are waiting to see this “miracle”

A desert is the driest place on Earth. Because of its unusual weather condition, there are only a  few numbers of species who are able to withstand the conditions of being in a desert.

As it is the driest place, it is safe to assume that certain bodies of water will only cease to exist in the desert. This is probably why this unusual occurrence of a river unexpectedly appearing in a desert has caught the attention of many netizens.

In a video uploaded by the Facebook Page, Viral TRND, a river called Zin is a dried river which is located in the Negev desert in Israel. It was a completely dried-up river but one day, water came running out of nowhere! Is that even possible?

According to the post, the rare occurrence was caused by heavy rain in mountainous areas several miles away from the river. Flood water will come running into the dried river.

As it was an entirely unusual sight, many locals came to witness the miracle of a river being reborn in the middle of a desert. Although the people waited for a long time, they were not disappointed especially when they finally saw that the water indeed rushed from the mountainous area down to the dried river!

It was really a sight to behold!

Soon, a huge volume of the water came running that the people even ran away because they may be carried by the strong current of the water. Well, we can only imagine what the people might have felt after witnessing their own definition of a miracle.

See the full video here: