4 tape measure tricks you wish you knew ages ago

Tape measures are one of the must-haves in our homes. While most of us are already aware that it is used to take various measurements of everything around us, it turns out that there is more to tape measures than just that. These four uses of tape measures will surely make you say, “I wish I knew this long ago.”

Here it goes:

1. The Hooked Tab

You may have thought that this one is just a design but no, it has its own purpose. The hooked tab can be attached to a nail so that the tape measure wont move on either sides when you are taking the measurement of a thing. May it be your table or chair, using this function of the hooked tab will surely be beneficial.

2. Serrated Edge (of the hook) 

As you might have noticed, the bottom part of the hook is jagged. Well, its purpose is to mark the areas you want to every time you take a measurement and a pencil or pen won’t come in handy. You can simply move the edge back an fort and make your markings just like that. It’s just like having a scribbling tool all in the form of a tape measure.

3. Moving Hook

Did you know that the first inch on a tape measure is not exactly an inch? It turns out that the end of a tape measure has a moving hook so that one can have an accurate measurement especially when it comes to measuring the sides of a table of anything else that requires a side measurement. Additionally, the hook extends to exactly a sixteenth of an inch which is the exact lacking measure to complete the first inch of the tape measure.

4. Numbers at the base of a tape measure

Have you noticed these digits engraved to the core of your tape measure? These numbers imply the measurement of the body of the tape measure itself. While one may not see its purpose at first, it can be very useful especially when one is trying to measure a curved object. Instead of getting an inaccurate one because of bending tape measures, it is better to use the body of the tape measure as part of the whole measurement! That sure is a brilliant idea.

Well, these list sure is a welcome development for the better use of tape measures! Better practice these new things the next time you struggle in using your tape measure.

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