Here’s why your jeans have that little pockets in them

Well, maybe more than once in your life, you have probably asked the question “what is this small pocket on the right side of my jeans for?” Who wouldn’t be left curious about the true purpose of this controversial part of the jeans we wear almost every day?

Worry no more, we finally have the answer to that question.

Screencap from Business Insider / Youtube

As it turns out, that small pocket is originally intended as a “watch pocket” used by cowboys. It is intended for the watch to be accessible to them and be protected while they are in action.

While pocket watches are no longer a thing these days, the small pockets in jeans have adapted to changes and now have many purposes.

Screencap from Business Insider / Youtube

Plus, the Levis company as one of the leading jean manufacturer brands, explains that many denimheads love the small pocket for the faded and worn nature it takes over time.

Who would have thought that such a small part of something we use almost every single day has such kind of history and could be of many uses?