Guy buys romantic “red rose” bed set but ended up looking like a crime scene

Each of us has our own preference when it comes to beautifying our private rooms. Because this is a place where most spend their “alone” time, they also see to it that it becomes a place of comfort by altering some designs on the walls or on the sheets.

However, this man’s attempt to personalize his bedroom and make it comfortable ended up making it seem like the most dreadful place in his whole house!

According to The Sun, a man with a Twitter handle @JohnDonoghue64 shared that he bought a new duvet set, which was white with red roses across it.

But after putting the sheets on the bed, he realized that it looked more homicidal than romantic. The rose pattern on the pillows and petals strewn across the bed resembles gruesome blood spatter. One that can be compared to the murder scenes we often see in movies.

His Tweet went: “That awkward moment when you realize that your romantic new ‘white with rosebud’ bedding set makes your boudoir resemble a particularly gruesome crime scene…”


The post quickly gained the attention of many people and has even racked up more than 8,000 likes, and 1.500 retweets as people agreed the pattern looked very suspicious.

Many people found the post hilarious and scary at the same time. The comments section was full of people imagining what their reaction would be if they are in this kind of situation.

The whole “bedroom” just looks horrible that anyone who opens the door will clearly end up walking out of it in just a matter of seconds. Well, can you imagine yourself in this kind of room?