Guy finds something strange in his home floor plan so he took out his metal detector and found this

Back in the early 1940’s world war 2 broke out which created fear among many people. Especially that the countries involved in the war are those that are famous for their weapons, nuclear weapons. According to Britannica, the main combatants were the Axis powers (Germany, Italy, and Japan) and the Allies (France, Great Britain, the United States, the Soviet Union, and, to a lesser extent, China).

People started to fear for their lives and safety that many decided to take a step into trying to “save” even just a single family’s life. This was where the idea of fallout shelters started. People from all over the world started to dig under their homes or backyard to create a small space where they can hide if the worst scenario comes.

Because many people practiced this during those times, it was no longer a surprise that many houses had this hidden room. But, it turns out that after the war ended, there are still fallout shelters that remained.

Just like how this homeowner was overly surprised to find that a fallout shelter was lurking in his backyard.

According to BuzzNick, a homeowner was looking at the original plans for his house, he noticed something peculiar in the back yard. He was shocked to find that a part of the plan shows what appears the be the opening for a fallout shelter.

Photo: BuzzNick

To confirm his theory, the homeowner had someone with a metal detector come in and scan the yard. He marked two locations where he got indications there was metal.

Photo: BuzzNick

Because of this, the homeowner decided to hire a few guys and start the digging process. Soon, they stumbled upon something that is made of metal with a handle in it.

Photo: BuzzNick

As it turns out, that was the doorway to the fallout shelter. It even looks like the shelter has not been opened for quite a long time. Maybe no one knew about its existence.

Photo: BuzzNick

Unfortunately, there were parts of the shelter that are about to collapse. Probably because the structure has been there for quite a long time which caused some of its foundations to crumble.

However, the homeowner vows to somehow make a few repairs to the fallout shelter as it has played a part in the past occupants of the house and at the same time, it can also be considered a remembrance of the past. Now, the space is fully functional and it is up to the new owners as to what they will do with the amazing discovery in their backyard.