Ungrateful tenant left his room full of trash after given “free” rent by landlord for few months

In a capitalist world, it is hard to find people who genuinely have concern for others who aren’t part of their family circle. This is why people value the relationship they have with strangers, may it be someone from their job, someone from the neighborhood, or just a random person they meet on the street.

However, there are also people who somehow cannot seem to appreciate the kindness being extended to them by others. Just like this tenant who, despite being given consideration to defer his rental payments ended up trashing the whole apartment!

According to Daily Mail, a Chinese landlord was very furious after finding out that a tenant’s apartment was full of trash with over 600 empty beer bottles, thousands of cigarette butts, and a frying pan in the toilet.

The landlord named Yang Shi from Liyang, Jiangsu, China reportedly called his tenant several times after his unpaid rent went over 3,000 Chinese Yuan ($420). Yang also said that he gave two months of rent holiday to the tenant but back in March, the latter said he still has no money and promised to pay in May.

So, on May 14, Yang went to visit his property to collect four months’ worth of unpaid rent. But, when he arrived, no one was home. So, he used his spare key to open the door and was left horrified by what he has seen.

The tenant who was a 20-year-old man reportedly lost his job during the coronavirus pandemic but Mr. Yang was generous enough to still let him stay in the space with the condition that he will still pay the rent but at a later time but it seemed that all of this was just put to waste.

Yang also said that he has been a landlord for many years but this is his first time experiencing an awful tenant. But, despite all this, Yang still said that he has now forgiven the tenant and that his only wish is for him to regret and no longer repeat what he has done.