Robbers return stolen items to delivery guy and gives him a hug after he cries so hard

There have been cases of fraud specifically order cancellations or no-show customers in which delivery riders are the poor victims. Despite this increasing number of crimes concerning them, there are still people who continue with this job because without a doubt, it surely is something that pays their bills.

Sadly, there are still people who choose to victimize these delivery riders for their own personal gain, just like what happened to this poor delivery rider who was robbed by thieves.

According to World of Buzz, two thieves in Karachi, Pakistan tried to rob a food delivery rider. But, they no longer pursued their first intention because the rider broke down in tears which forced them to return the items they were supposed to rob.

Image: The Express Tribune/Twitter

In a video uploaded by The Express Tribune (@etribune) via their Twitter account, the two thieves who were both wearing a white shirt is riding their motorcycle as they tried to forcefully take the rider’s items.

But, before they can even flee from the scene, the delivery guy made a desperate move to stop them – that is by crying so hard. So, the thieves immediately returned the items they took, gave the rider a hug, shook his hand, and even patted his shoulder as their way of consoling him.

Image: The Express Tribune/Twitter

The rider can be even seen wiping his tears as the thieves did their best to make him feel better. The robbers might have felt a pang of guilt after realizing that what they were doing can greatly affect the rider and even force him to cry desperate tears.

Here’s a copy from Youtube.

May this be a lesson not just to the robbers in this vid but also to all those who are still planning on doing something like this that it is never just okay to rob things from anyone. One should learn how to work hard in order to attain their objectives in life.