Everyone complains about the bad smell when cooking rice so they completely open the rice cooker

A vital part of each family meal that we have is rice because this is considered a staple food. In addition to this, eating rice makes a meal more sumptuous as it can easily satisfy the hunger of a person.

One quick and efficient way of cooking this staple food is by using an electric rice cooker. But, this particular family has been curious for a long time as to why the rice always smells like fried fish even if it was just cooked straight from the rice cooker.

Thinking that something may be wrong with it, they repeatedly washed and cleaned their rice cooker but the strong smell was still there. It was a good thing that the taste of the rice was not affected by the smell.

Via a Facebook post, BigD Reyes revealed that out of curiosity and wanting to know what was causing the strange smell, they decided to open the bottom part of the cooking device.

Then, they were shocked by what they discovered. It was not any type of food that was stuck there but lizards, plenty of lizards!

It was as if the lizards were fried because they were all left with just bones and their bodies were obviously burned from maybe the heat that was coming off from the rice cooker. Reyes even joked that they have eaten the lizards as they were solid and crunchy.

What remains a mystery to both the family and the many people who came across the post is that how was it possible for the many lizards to be stuck inside the rice cooker? Well, we will only know if the lizards can speak up for themselves but unfortunately, they just can’t.