How many chicks can you see in this photo?

In some rural areas, chicks walking behind their mother hen is a common sight. As they walk in groups and their natural yellow color is quite attractive to the eyes, it is often easy for people to spot them even from afar.

But, in this particular intriguing photo, the total number of chicks present on this is still debated by many.

Image: FindTheSniper/Reddit

Well, we are talking about this photo of what seems like stones scattered on the ground. The said photo was first uploaded on Reddit by someone who goes by the username, FindTheSniper.

If you were just scrolling through your social media and come across this photo of scattered stones on the ground, it surely has nothing in particular that can trigger one’s curiosity. Not until you read the caption to the post which says, “How many chicks can you spot?”

True enough, a closer look and a little examination at the photo will make one realize that indeed, there is a group of chicks blending with the colors of the rocks.

Image: Reddit

In fact, one Reddit user was very generous to share his findings with everyone, he shared this photo where he encircled all the chicks he has seen in the intriguing photo.

In it, he found 15 ducks. 7 of them seem to be inseparable as they stick together. Another 5 of them are hiding beneath a rock while the other two were busy on the other side, probably still searching for food.

On the other hand, there are other users who say that they saw 16 chicks in this photo.

Well, how about you? How many chicks have you seen in this photo? Share your counting with us, now!