Vlogger does “nothing” for 2 hours but easily gets over 4 million views

Nowadays, a lot of people like celebrities and content creators made social media a platform to share various contents from the useful ones to the most random stuff they do in their everyday lives.

May it be videos about how to do this and that, how to cook, house or closet tour for celebs, pranks, or just anything under the sun. Name it and you can surely find a lot of contents regarding what you are looking for.

While these influencers are trying so hard to find new content to entertain their subscribers and gain more views, this guy did the complete opposite of that. He simply uploaded a 2-hour long video of himself without doing anything at all!

Vlogger and comedian Russell Peters, via his Youtube channel Sobat Miskin Official just uploaded the most unexpected video anyone has ever seen. The said 2-hour clip features a guy inside a room, wearing a black shirt while sitting on the side of his bed and looking straight into the camera.

At first glance, one may think that something may transpire in the said video considering its length. But, a few seconds into it and the man still did not move. It turns out that for the whole duration of the video, he really did not do anything in particular but just shift a bit in his position from time to time.

What’s more shocking than the “nothing” video is that it managed to gain over 900k views and counting!

Who would have thought that a video clip of a guy doing nothing would become this viral? Surely, many content creators and vloggers are now contemplating on whether they too will simply do “nothing” on their next vlog. Don’t you agree?

In case you’re curious too, here the full video: