A bottle of this old Filipino beer can cost up to PHP36,000

While the Philippines is abundant with natural resources everywhere in the whole archipelago, it turns out there are also man-made things that can be found in the country which reportedly costs thousands of pesos.

These “beer bottles” are proof of this claim. Inside a cave in Bohol, people started to flock because of sightings of these beer bottles and Mang Erning was one of them.

Image: Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho/Youtube

According to Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho, Mang Erning heard stories about these beer bottles which urged him to try his luck too and explore the cave near his residence. It turns out that these beer bottles were from a company called “Halili beer” which was a famous beer company back in the 1950s.

The distinct feature of the Halili beer bottles includes a carabao and building design along with the year 1950 printed on its bottle. Each bottle could sell from PHP2,000 to PHP30,000 depending on the condition of the bottle.

Image: Kapuso Mo, Jessica Sojo/Youtube

As a little history, the Halili Beer Company was owned by former Bulacan governor, Fortunato Halili. The unique taste of Halili Beer is what made it a household name among Filipinos despite it being just a small company.

According to Kyle Gianan, there was an urban legend that rival companies intentionally broke cases of the Halili Beer bottles. Back then, because there was no local manufacturer of beer bottles, this has become a hard time for the small company.

Image: Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho/Youtube

Soon, the Halili Beer company closed down because Fortunato Halili became sick and nobody was there to take care of the company. Then, their bottles became a collector’s item which extended to today’s modern time where each bottle can cost thousands of pesos.

Meanwhile, Mang Erning became quite successful in his venture of finding Halili Beer bottles that he was able to find three of them and sold it at PHP11,000 per piece. He shares that he was very thankful for the money he got from selling because he used it to pay for his debts, buy the needs of his family and also start a little living by buying pigs.

Here is the full story of the expensive Halili Beer bottles: