Alligator tries Electric Eel for meal but gets electrocuted

We often see videos of animals versus animals who are trying to beat each other so that the other could be called prey and the other one, the predator. In a world where only the strongest could survive, it’s no surprise that even in the animal kingdom, the struggle and fight to survive is really hard.

Just like in the case of this crocodile versus an alligator. At first, one may think that the alligator will surely win as it has the advantage when it comes to size and scary appearance, however, the electric eel has something more powerful that can overcome even the deadliest fangs of the alligator.

In a viral video posted on Youtube, the eel flops on the muddy banks of an unidentified waterway as the alligator eyes its prey. Its appetite aroused, the gator finally snaps its jaws over the slithery eel, only to be stunned.

The hungry alligator did not expect that the eel is willing to fight back in its own way. That is – to electrify the alligator.

Small eels can carry a charge up to 100 volts while larger breeds can produce between 450 to 650 volts of electricity. It takes barely more than a minute before the gator is stunned beyond the capacity to move.

Finally, he rolls over motionless onto his side as the filmmakers yell off the camera.

It was still unclear as to what happened to the alligator afterward as it can be seen still kicking its leg in the last part of the video. Maybe the shock provided by the eel was only temporary of the alligator might live but not long enough to last for even a week.

Indeed,  it was a lesson learned the hard way for the deadly creature.

See the full video below: