This shipwreck is now a tourist attraction in Australia

There are things in this world that remind people of a dark past that they already want to forget about. But, nature has its way of reminding us that even a once disastrous moment can turn into something amazing with time. The shipwreck called “SS City of Adelaide” is proof of this.

Image: Wild Free/Facebook

As a little background, this vessel was first called “City of Adelaide” and was a passenger steamship launched in 1863 from Glasgow, Scotland. The vessel carried passengers to several destinations including Melbourne, Sydney, Honolulu, and San Francisco.

Image: Wild Free/Facebook

The passenger-vessel has been in service for several years before it was converted to a barque and was used as a cargo transport in 1890. In 1912, the vessel caught fire and burnt for a number of days before flames could be extinguished.

The burnt hulk of the vessel was then purchased in 1915, by George Butler, the son of the first European resident of Magnetic Island in Townsville, Australia. However, as the vessel was being transported from Townsville to Picnic Bay it ran aground off Magnetic Island’s Cockle Bay. Since then, it remained there, even after the second World War.

What once was considered a useless shipwreck is now considered one of the most Instagrammable sights in Australia with thousands of tourists flocking to visit it every year. It is now located 300 meters offshore and can be fully accessible and the whole ship’s body on display during low tide.

The SS City of Adelaide is one concrete proof that there are certain things in our past that do not just end when their purpose was served. It might have been made to be a passenger-vessel but who would have thought that decades after, it will still be used by people, although no longer a vessel they can ride in, but, a sight their eyes can feast upon.

You can watch a drone video of the SS City of Adelaide here: