Guy scrolls thru Google Earth and find his late dad waiting for wife outside their home

We spend many hours scrolling through the internet every single day. May it be on our social media accounts, or for our school or office works, and even to search for answers on things we do not know about.

As for this Japanese guy, his hours of scrolling through the internet eventually led him to both happy and sad flashbacks on the life of his parents.

Twitter user @TeacherUfo posted on Jan. 4, 2021, that he found his mother and late father while idly scrolling through Google Earth.

According to Goodtimes, he was doing a little experiment of going to Google Earth and looking up his home address. He then went to street view and was shocked to see a familiar figure standing in front of their house.

Image: TeacherUFO/Twitter

Although the face of the man in the street view was blurred, he easily recognized him as his father who passed away 7 years ago. He quickly concluded that his late father was doing his usual routine of waiting for his beloved wife to come home.

As he continued to scroll further on their street, he came across another image of a woman who he quickly knew was his mother. It turns out that she was walking just a few blocks away from their home.

Image: TeacherUFO/Twitter

Meanwhile, his tweet gained quite a lot of attention with other Twitter users also sharing their amazing discoveries via Google Earth.

All of them just have one request, and that is for Google to keep their images that way so that they will be forever reminded of the valuable memories of their loved ones who have been a part of their lives.