Take a look at the first-ever Youtube video

Nowadays, social media has opened a brand new world for a lot of people. Aside from being able to share life updates with the rest of the world, you are also given the option to scan thru photos, be informed of the latest news updates, or just randomly watch a video suggested on your timeline. Whatever the case may be, one this is sure, we do spend a lot of time on social media.

So, while we are on that topic, might as well note that one of the most popular social media sites, Youtube, has grown more in the past years. The platform is now home to bloggers and influencers. But, have you ever thought about, “what was the first-ever video uploaded on Youtube?”

Image: Jawed/Youtube

Well, here it goes. The clip only lasts for 19 seconds and it features no fancy stuff or heavily made-up celebrities. Instead, it was a guy wearing a blue shirt and a black jacket who is simply describing his trip to the zoo which explains the title of the video which went, “Me at the zoo.”

Image: Jawed/Youtube

The video was uploaded 16 years ago via a channel called “jawed” which now has over 2 million followers. The said clip taken in San Diego now boasts 176 million views, 11 million comments, and 8.4 million likes.

Image: Jawed/Youtube

Well, we can understand the enthusiasm people are throwing on the first-ever video of the now, one of the most-used social media sites in the whole world. Certainly, this guy was unaware that he was already making history when he shot this video as he just went on talking about Elephants and how “long” their trunks are.

If you haven’t already, you can watch the full 19-second clip here: