Optical illusion of the year? This photo is giving people headaches. Go figure it out?

Photos are always a reminder of a beautiful moment we want to live in, forever. Not until a random shot that you took gives you a headache and makes you ask yourself, or everyone else, “how did this happen?”

Dubbed as the “optical illusion of the year” this photo of a beautiful girl is now circulating online. At a first glance, clearly, you can see that it was just a random shot taken one fine afternoon with this girl in pink looking intently or probably just playing with her cellphone.

Image: Josh Davis/Facebook

But, a closer look at the photo will surely make you think twice. Especially that the girl’s lower body seems to be submerged in a stone path. You may then begin to think about what and how did this thing happen or how did she do it?

This post, which was shared by Facebook user Josh Davis has people wondering and leaving them with headaches on how to discern whether their eyes are playing a trick on them or if the photo really just the way it was.

Well, allow us to give you a brief description of this optical illusion and you will then realize how deceiving the eyes can be.

It turns out that this girl is simply sitting down close to a wall. She happens to be sitting on the lower ground with stones seemingly identical in color to the ones on the wall. They might have been made from the same material. As seen in the photo, she seems to be buried chest-deep on the ground but she was in fact just leaning on the wall.

See this photo where the cut-lines show the part where the ledge and the walkway are separated:

Image: Josh Davis/Facebook

Funny how your eyes can play with your brain right? Were you able to figure out the real image too?