Buyer rates 3 stars because of “too much plastic wrap”

Ordering stuff online has many perks, and most people just find it convenient to order their stuff online and have it delivered right at their doorstep. To become a wise buyer of stuff sold online, customers must always check the reviews of a certain product before deciding to buy it.

Reviews are made by people who bought the same product and have experienced using it. These are often sent via stars or thru photos with comments on them about the pros and cons of the product.

With this chance given to the buyers, it seems that others tend to cross the line and leave reviews not just for the product itself but even on the way it was “packaged.”

One example of this type of review is shared by @pelabur_bijak on Twitter when a seller was rated three stars even though he managed to ship the item fast and secure. The reason? Well, according to the buyer, he was not environmentally friendly.

The exact words from the customer went: “Fast shipping but I have to give three stars because the seller used too much plastic wrap. We need to care for the environment.”

Image: pelabur_bijak/Twitter

According to World of Buzz,  the particular review gained various reactions from people who viewed it. Others find it funny, and there are also some who agreed that it is indeed true that we need to care for the environment, however, the specific review page where it was posted may not be the best venue in sharing this sentiment. This is because reviews reflect the sellers and may be punished if they continue to receive bad or low reviews.

This is just another proof that we truly cannot satisfy everyone even with efficient service. But, as a seller, do not let this type of review ever bring your hopes down. Just continue doing your best and you will surely reap everything in the end.