Pastor who believes in resurrection decides to be buried alive, found dead after 3 days

We may have different types of religion but one thing is for sure, our faith in God remains as the common denominator. But, the question still remains, how deep can your faith in Him be? Can it reach more than 6 feet below the ground?

As for a pastor named James Sakala from Zambia, he decided to become living proof of his faith. According to Camero Online, pastor Sakala was buried alive by his church members as he promised them that he will resurrect in 3 days just like Jesus Christ.

Image: Facebook

Three members of his church were given the task to dig a hole in the ground. Being the leader of a huge congregation, Sakala was confident that he has superpowers and that this will enable him to be alive for three days even when buried deep and covered with several layers of soil.

Then, the members of the church witnessed the symbolic burying of their leader. They were all hopeful for good results which were all shattered.

Image: Facebook

After three long days of waiting, they proceeded to the site where Sakala was buried. They started digging and are hopeful to find their pastor still breathing underneath. But, what they found was the lifeless body of their beloved leader. No signs of breathing at all.

Despite this, they still rushed and tried to revive their pastor by a spiritual exercise but all their efforts were left in vain as he was no longer responding to any of them. He failed to be true to his promise of (by some miracle and power) being resurrected after three days just like how Jesus Christ did as told in the bible.

May his soul rest in Peace.