Python learns his lesson the hard way after eating a Porcupine

Pythons are considered really dangerous creatures. Their appearance alone can already scare anyone plus their gigantic shape, which they often use to eat anything that they consider their prey.

However, this particular python had the worst day of its life after it decided to eat a porcupine.

A cyclist riding along one of the mountain bike trails at the Lake Eland Game Reserve in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, spotted a very engorged snake. The cyclist snapped a few photos of the gluttonous python and posted them to social media, where they quickly attracted the attention of locals who wanted to see the python themselves.

Lots of people came to the park in the following days just to view the swollen snake. People were really curious as to what the snake ate that its body expanded to an enormous shape. There were various speculations from animals that can be found in the forest but nothing was confirmed until a few days later when the snake died.

Park staff and visitors decided to open up the body of the snake in order to find what was inside as it may explain why the snake suddenly died.


They were really shocked with what they saw inside the snake’s body. What they found was one heck of a snack: a 30-lb. (13.8 kilograms) porcupine.

It still isn’t clear if this python’s spiky meal was actually responsible for the predator’s death. Rangers found the snake underneath a rocky ledge, where it had apparently fallen. On impact, the quills inside its engorged belly may have pierced the python’s digestive tract, which could have killed the animal.