Kid left this unwanted bike in the wild, 50 years later it becomes an attraction

The internet sure is a haven of information just waiting to be discovered and revealed to the rest of the world. However, not everything that we read or see on the internet is true. What is even more surprising is that the real stories lie on the vast worldwide web too, all you have to do is dig a little and be surprised by your own discovery.

Image: Smart Destination/Facebook

Just like in the case of this “Bike in the Tree” photo which was famous for its behind story which dates back to 1914 about a boy who left his bike, went off to war, and no longer returned. Well, it turns out that this story we have known for so long is not the real.

In the early 1950s, the bike belongs to an 8-year-old boy named Don Puz living at Kennewick island according to The Vintage News. The house that Puz lived in burned down together with it is the death of his father.

Image: The Vintage News

Because of the unfortunate situation, his family was in, the people on the island decided to join hands in helping them, one of the donations he received was the bike. But, he did not like it because it was too small for him and the handlebars were like that of a tricycle.

One day Puz and his friends went into the woods to play. Puz was the only one on a bike and when the boys went home he simply decided to just leave it there. No one ever thought that his negligence would eventually become a wonder to the people of the future.

Image: The Vintage News

Then, in 1995, Puz went back to the island to visit a friend who was still living there. As the “bike in the tree” was already starting to gain attention during that time, Puz also went to see it. When he saw the landmark, he immediately blurted out, “that’s my bike.” There is no doubt in his mind that it was the same red bike that he left ages ago but to him, it felt like he is no longer the owner of it, the tree owns it now.

Because of the unusual position of the bike in the tree, it has become a major tourist attraction on the island. Many tourists travel from far places just to get a glimpse of the famous sight.

Well, it certainly is a sight to behold and will make anyone who came across it wonder, “how did it (the bike) get there?” Now, you know why.