Family reheats last frozen meal made by their mom 5 years after she passed away

Losing someone who has played a great part in your life is something many of us find hard to accept. Yes, it may be true that death is a certain thing for everyone but it still is hard for the remaining family members to accept the loss of one part of the family.

This is why this family must have been devastated when they lost their mom 5 years ago that they decided to preserve the last meal she has prepared for them. According to The Asian Parent, this family from Japan preserved a stewed pork dish in their freezer as a memorabilia of their late mother.

Image: Knight Scoop

Mizuki, a daughter of the family recalls discussing what to eat for dinner with her mom on the day of her passing. They eventually decided on the stewed pork but Mizuki was heartbroken when she found her mom collapsed on their floor when she went home that day.

They rushed her mom to the hospital but it was already too late. Upon coming home, Mizuki found the stewed pork on their table, and because of the shock from her mom’s unfortunate passing, she and her dad decided to preserve what could have been a delicious meal of the family.

Image: Knight Scoop

Also, after the incident, Mizuki no longer had the appetite to eat pork stew which led her to abstain from the dish for many years. It was only until 2018, 5 years after mum’s passing that the family took out the frozen stewed pork.

The father-daughter pair held a tribute for mum where they were featured on a Japanese variety show, Knight Scoop.

Image: Knight Scoop

Because of the possibility that the food may be rotten already, it was brought to a lab and examined for safety. The chef also made sure to cook the dish above 100 degrees celsius. As long as it is eaten in small portions, it is considered safe for consumption.

Eventually, the food was served to the dad and daughter and their faces lit up with just the mere thought of having to eat the dish that they must have craved for so long.