It looks edited but she’s real! This girl has only 13.7 inches waistline that earns her fame online

Sure, having a small waistline may be a plus for most women. But, have you ever imagined what it would be like if you have an insanely small waistline?

Well, this woman from Myanmar has intrigued many after her photos featuring her very curvy body with unbelievably small waistline surfaces on the internet.

Image: Su Moh Moh Naing/Facebook

According to CH3 Thailand, the young woman identified on her Facebook account as Su Moh Moh Naing is 23-years-old and her waistline is only at 13.7 inches! With her unbelievable feature, she became an internet sensation in Myanmar overnight after her photos were first posted.

Image: Su Moh Moh Naing/Facebook

In fact, her official Facebook page called Su Moh Moh Naing now boasts over 233,193 Followers, all of which admire her for her amazing physical features as well as her bubbly personality.

A Facebook page called ASEAN Beauty Pageant also shared photos of her which quickly gained a lot of attention and people simply can’t believe their eyes. As of writing, this featured post has already been shared 29 thousand times.

As of now, the record for the woman with the smallest waist in the world is being held by a British woman whose waistline is only at 13 inches.

Some people may find it unbelievable and even question the authenticity of her photos as they may be a product of photoshop editing. But, she is just a person who, despite her unique physical features is still trying to live her life to the fullest.