This student wins awards due to her penmanship that looks like a computer font

Writing is one of the fundamental skills needed for a person to advance their learning process. It is even more important to excel in writing because this skill will be used by a person on a daily basis.

For others, it may not be a big deal to have really good handwriting just as long as they know how to write but, there are also those who see to it that they excel in writing and even consider this as their talent.

Photo by: Newsbugz

Just like this student who wowed many people with her clean and beautiful penmanship that she was even awarded the “Best Handwriting in the World” award in a competition back in 2017.

She is Prakriti Malla, a Year 8 student from Sainik Awasiya Mahavidyalaya in Nepal.

Malla’s handwriting first gained attention because people who came across photos of her handwritten notes had a hard time believing that it was done manually. A glance at it will make anyone assume that it was straight from a computer printer.

If one is to read her winning piece for the Best Handwriting award, it tells us the importance of good handwriting. She writes that even though there are now new technologies, handwriting is still one of the prime ways to communicate and at the same time a tool in assessing the learnings of students inside the classroom.

Image: Dr Kirstin Ferguson / @kirstinferguson – Twitter

She also added that it is very important for young students to learn the art of handwriting as there are still people who judge others just by seeing the work of their hands.

So, better practice your handwriting skills, of course, it need not be as neat as that of Malla but it still pays to have good handwriting skills.