Man in disbelief after father cooks his expensive Arowana pet fish

There are many people who are more attached to their pets than the other people around them. The different kind of love that these pets show is what gives them the motivation to live life every single day.

So, it is really hard to imagine what a pet owner will feel if the life of their beloved pet is “accidentally” taken away in such a passive manner.

Shock, sadness, and frustration, and just a few of the mixed emotions one may feel. As for this man which was only known by the name Bayu from Central Java’s Sukoharjo regency in Indonesia, his father decided to “cook” his expensive pet fish!

Bayu shared his rather tragic experience and the sad outcome of his beloved pet via his Instagram account. After sharing his story, he gained a lot of sympathy from people on social media.

To those who may be unaware, the Arowana is one of the most popular and expensive pet fish in Indonesia. In Bayu’s case, he bought the fish for IDR800,000 (US$56.70).

And while the buying price is already expensive, Bayu plans to profit from the fish as it grew quite a lot after he took care of it for quite a long time. He plans to sell it later on at the price of IDR2 million (US$141.7).

Bayu was already foreseeing the big profit that he can gain from this sale. After all, he took care of the fish for four years already at he already had a sense of attachment to it.

But one day, he received photos of the fish from his brother. The photos show that it was being prepared and later fried by his father, who decided to have it for a feast without his permission.

Bayu just can’t help but feel all different kinds of emotions at the same time after receiving this devastating news.

Sadly, because he can’t do anything else, he just let it all go and move on with his life. But, he will always remember that once in his life, something as unforgettable as this one happened to him.