Fearless photographer jumps into a huge whirlpool to film it below

Oftentimes, people get really curious about how natural phenomena occur. In fact, there have been various experiments conducted in order to explain these phenomena that are hard to understand.

This time, a daredevil photographer was more than curious to find out what happened inside a whirlpool so he decided to swim right into one with his camera.

Just a little background, a whirlpool is a body of swirling water and the majority of these natural phenomena are not very powerful but sometimes, they can be dangerous even to experienced swimmers.

According to Goodtimes, Jacob Cockle is a British photographer who is famous for his videos of underwater exploits. His videos often feature his adventures during his trips to various places.

However, his most viral video yet is one that features his very brave effort to try and get footage of what happens inside a whirlpool. The swift-swirling whirlpool appealed to Jacob’s adventurous spirit and he was enticed to find out more about it.

In the video that circulated online, the whirlpool Jacob was trying to get too seems really dangerous. Then, as the camera swerved into Jacob’s face, he can be seen getting ready for the big jump.

When he finally got into the water, the camera then focused on the whirlpool and it was really surprising that underneath, the water seems to form the shape of a tornado.

Lucky for Jacob, he was not carried over by the strong current that surrounds the whirlpool.

See the full video of his daredevil act below: