It looks like a floating stone but it’s not, look closely

We often encounter various photos or videos on the internet that can make us question its authenticity, whether these photos and videos are taken in an actual moment or just edited or just a product of the creative minds of people are often a few of the things we consider.

Just like this viral photo of the stone. Well, at first glance, one may think it’s just another random photo that was taken at a random place and time with just nature as the usual subject.

But, a closer look at it can make one notice that the stone seems to be “floating”. After seeing this, one may conclude that it is just another edited photo, but, it was revealed that the trees, soil, and sky in the photo are all real.

So, is it really possible for such a big (and surely heavy) stone to “float”? Given the gravity and all other stuff that hold it down? At this point, the questions are simply endless.

But, the concept of “change in perspective” now comes into the picture. A little twist and turn in the photo and you will finally see where we are going with this whole stuff.

Yep, all you have to do is rotate your phone or whatever gadget you are using while viewing the above photo and it will turn out like this:

Image: Tony Capps/Facebook

It turns out that the stone is somehow in water and the trees and the sky are indeed true but they are just reflections on the water. Funny what a little change in the way you see things can do, right?

Moral lesson: If things work the way you didn’t want to right now, maybe you need to see it from a different perspective.